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We are listed amidst the leading dealers importers , exporters , distributors , traders &  suppliers of an extensive assortment of Network Thermostat System and BTU Measurement Systems which sets a new benchmark in the high-end portable measurement market uniquely combining versatility, High end accuracy and mobility at the lowest  price point in the market.

Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System

AKE Parking Guidance System is one of the most modern and profitable systems around the world. It is suitable for public indoor parking lots in office buildings, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and hotels. It pinpoints vacant parking spaces and guide motorist to the nearest space in shortest time ever. The system can be customized to meet different requirements.

Benefits for Drivers

-No more arduous searching, stress free parking.

-Save fuel and alleviate car wearing.

-Save time.

-Avoid unnecessary unpleasant conflict from parking.

Benefits for Carpark Manager

-High lots utilization, including slots in obscured area.

-Improve traffic flow with drivers guided to the available parking spaces immediately to vacant parking spaces.

-Strengthen comprehensive carpark management.

-Optimize human resources with more efficient staffling based on more accurate parking facility utilization analysis.

Benefits for Building Owner

-Improve building image, better brand appeal.

-Upgrade customer satisfaction and loyalty.

-Increase building revenue with higher carpark utilization as well as advertising function of PGS guidance screen.

Benefits for Environment

-Reduce exhaust emission, makes fresher and healthier air.

-Contribute to the fight against global greenhouse effect.

BTU Meter Serial Operation

Item Code: CO3P

Chapter two: C03P BTU Meter2.1 General descriptionC03P BTU Meter is a liquid heat exchange calculation device for Central Air-conditioning.Besides heating calculation, it also could calculate cooling energy consumption. It collectsthe data from temperature sensor and flow meter, basing on Heat Exchange principle thesystem automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it to PC. It can checkconsumption volume by tenant or operator, real time shows instantaneous temperature, flowrate and energy consumption etc., it also has the ability to show history data with bar chart.1. BTU meter(Model: C03P)—Calculates the energy consumption with high accurate andreliable, mounted on the wall, no condensated water problems;2. Temperature Sensors—PT10003. Flow meter: Electromagnetic Flow meter, Vortex Flow meter, Rotameter are available,recommends Electromagnetic Flow meter2.2 Function Calculates heating and cooling energy consumption; Tracks accumulated energy consumption; Tracks historical data with graphic analysis; Has remotely warn function; Real-time monitor function; Storage security of data, stores data automatically once power failure;
  Can be auto setup small flow rate ignored

Flow Meter

Item Code: DWM2000

DWM2000 inserted flow meter

DWM2000 serial electromagnetic flow meter is used for measuring the flow rate forconducting medium, the output signal is 4-20mA.Parameter characteristic: Internal protection: IP66; Immersion part material is stainless steel andceramic; Working temperature: below 150; Working pressure: 25bar or 360psig; No mechanical moving part, free ofmaintenance; The electronic parts could be directlychanged while working; Low power consumption; Suitable pipe: 

Measuring principle

While conductor is moving in the magnetic field, the moving parts will generate voltage. Inthis system the liquid acts as conductor, magnetic direction B is vertical with flow direction,the generated voltage U will have linear relationship with flow rate V.U=K*B*V*DK: meter coefficient B: magnetic intensityV: liquid flow rate D: electrode gap

Ultrasonic Detector

Item Code: PO8


P08 should be equipped with corresponding space indicator light. Space indicator light is to indicate spacestatus and guide patron to available space. P08 is suitable for the control of dual color LED indicator L06. P08can control dual color LED indicatorRED for available, Green for full, engineering wiring instruction as follows:


1) Measure the distance between the detector and the reflection surface detectable range: 0.3-4.5m.
2) Define status of parking space by being installed above each parking space.
3) OFFLINE mode and ONLINE mode available. (REMARK: This product is preprogrammed under OFFLINE mode, if you want to convert it to be ONLINE mode, please contact us freely for the system upgrade.
4) Set the detection height by DIP in OFFLINE mode.
5) Control the LED indicator, RED for available, Green for full.

1High environment resistance by the mean of ultrasonic detection.
2Pedestal and body apart design enables convenient maintain and fix.
3Low power consumption, simple interface, reliable communication and stable performance.
4ABS plastic shell.
5Self-developed, possess the whole intelligent property and production technology, which enables goodafter-sell service.

Monitoring Relays

Product Description:

AC Current Transformer Type E 83-20-50

Small AC current metering transformer with 7 knob selectable ranges. Output from the transformer is 4-20 mADC in accordance with IEC 60381-1. Can be used with relays DIB01, PIB01, DIC01 or PIC01 or directly connected to a PLC Power supply ON is indicated by a green LED. 12 mm hole for isolated current carrying wire makes it suitable for most applications. For mounting on DIN-rail or directly on surface by screws.


  • 7 input ranges in one unit: 0 - 5 AAC
  • 0 - 10 AAC
  • 0 - 15 AAC
  • 0 - 20 AAC
  • 0 - 25 AAC
  • 0 - 30 AAC
  • 0 - 50 AAC
  • Output 4-20 mADC
  • Easy interface to PLC or setpoint relays
  • For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with DIN/EN 50 022
  •  22.5 mm small Euronorm housing

BTU Measurement System

AKE Electronic's BTU Measurement System is used to measure individual energy consumption in any liquid heating/cooling system such as apartment, commercial office, and condominiums. This system is also used to measure performance of energy saving system or the loss of efficiency which is directly tied to loss of revenue.

The system real-time detects the temperature of supply and return pipe, monitors the instantaneous flow rate, according to Heat Exchange of thermodynamics principle the BTU meter accumulates each user’s heat energy consumption and transfer the data to up-PC, finally as per rated unit price (Dollars/MW) to calculate the total fee of them.

Switches Relay

Item Code: 110

We are the supplier of Switches relay.For more detail please contact us

String Inverter

We are a leading company involved in offering a wide range of Solar Grid Inverter. These are 1.1 KW-5.2 KW String Inverter specially designed for small and mid-range systems by Samil Power. It consists of 6 power levels, which provide more flexible choices for PV power plants. With impressive efficiency up to 97.6%, SR series string inverters are not only with high cost-effective, but also modern appearance.

Monitoring Relay

Monitoring Relay

Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay

Item Code: 114

Energy Meters

Energy Meters

PID Controllers

PID Controllers

Digital Timer

Digital Timer

PLC Automation

PLC Automation

Analog I/O Modules

Analog I/O Modules

String Box for PV control

String Box for PV control

Micro Inverter On Grid

Micro Inverter On Grid

Trimmer for Solar

Trimmer for Solar


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